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Our More Than Pink Podcast is designed to give listeners an insight on what is happening in the field of breast cancer research, treatment, screening and survivorship.  Experts in their fields, we are excited to share their knowledge with you.  You can subscribe to our podcast here, or find it on iTunes, Soundcloud, Sticher or TuneIn.  If you have any questions, or comments, please email us at

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Series 1, Episode 1

“It’s going to be more than a race.  It’s going to be an event for survivorship.  It’s going to be an event where people can talk to one another openly and without shame and embarrassment.  Share their journey’s.  That’s really what it’s going to be.”

~ Nancy Brinker describing the very first Race for the Cure

Susan G. Komen founder Nancy Brinker talks about how it all began and the impact the organization has had on breast cancer.


Series 1, Episode 2

“Decisions around cancer are not what they were 10 years ago when it was all about stage.  And they are not just talking about molecular phenotyping.”

~ Dr. Debra Patt talking about the new conversations happening in health care

Dr. Debra Patt is a practicing oncologist and breast cancer specialist in Austin, Texas, and a vice president of Texas Oncology. She is an active leader in breast cancer research, serves on the US Oncology Research breast cancer committee, and chairs the breast cancer subsection of the pathways task force for The US Oncology Network. In this episode she talks about the evolution of breast cancer care and where we go from here.


Series 1, Episode 3

“You have to spend more time selecting your caregiver, your doctor, than you do finding a new hairstylist.”

~ Jennifer Felch shares her family’s story of breast cancer

Having watched her mother go through breast cancer, Jennifer knew her risk was high.  She shares with us her journey and the steps she took to catch her cancer early and what happened when she became a patient.  Today Jennifer uses her experience to help influence and impact others as a member of the Susan G. Komen Austin Board of Directors.



Portrait of Virginia A. Brown, PhDSeries 1, Episode 4

“While genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.

~ Dr. Virginia Brown talking about how being a woman of color is only half the battle

African American women experience a significantly higher mortality rate than any other ethnicity. The reasons are complex and Virginia Brown, MA, PhD, an Assistant Professor at Dell Medical School in the Department of Population Health has dedicated her career to helping communities understand why and how this is the case. Our discussion is about more than just breast cancer, it’s about figuring out how to make substantial changes in the system to truly find health equity.



Series 2, Episode 1

“Being a financial person for much of my life, I’ve seen a lot of line item budgets, but I’ve never seen a cancer line item on a budget. Certainly if you did that it would single handedly be the largest dollar amount in the budget.”

~ Greg Lee talking about the impact of a cancer diagnosis on an individual

Prior to becoming President of LIVESTRONG in 2016, Greg Lee served as its Chief Financial Officer for nearly 10 years, responsible for the integrity and operation of all financial, accounting, technology and compliance activities for the LIVESTRONG Foundation. LIVESTRONG focuses on the person with cancer, not just the disease itself.  We discuss the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis/treatment as well as more than just the “out of pocket cost” that goes along with it.


Series 3, Episode 1

“It wasn’t until I stepped my foot out the door of my last radiation treatment that the financial chaos started.”

~ Marla Blaylock talking about her personal financial journey as a breast cancer survivor

Marla Blaylock is the CEO and Founder of Blue Lotus Systems. BLS is an established Austin based full-service IT Services provider with 14 years of history, that brings together world-class experts in strategic IT disciplines. She is also a Komen Austin board member and a breast cancer survivor. In this episode, Blaylock discusses the financial burden that settles after treatment is over.







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