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 Komen Austin’s Direct Impact in the Community



In 2005, Shauna was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a result of daily green juicing to recover the trauma of multiple surgeries and toxic effects of chemotherapy, Shauna founded Drink Daily Greens LLC in 2012. Her juices are sold in retail outlets nationwide. To further her advocacy and commitment to fight breast cancer, a portion of sales of Daily Greens are donated to organizations that provide services to young women battling breast cancer. Shauna serves on the Board of the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas and is a founding member of the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, a social network for young breast cancer survivors. She is an advocate for all survivors and fighters of breast cancer. She is the face of the fight.


Dr. Debra Patt MD MPH MBA is a Vice President for Texas Oncology and serves the practice by directing public policy, academic affairs, and strategic initiatives. She began clinical practice in Texas Oncology in 2006 after completing fellowship training at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and clinically is a breast cancer expert who leads breast cancer trials in community practice. Her expertise is in public policy and healthcare informatics. She led Healthcare Informatics for US Oncology from 2008-2015.  Dr. Patt serves as a medical director McKesson Specialty Health and The US Oncology Network where her team uses multiple integrated data assets to understand outcomes in cancer.


Chris Perkins, Partner and former Vice Chairman at PricewaterhouseCoopers, not only makes giving an important part of his personal and professional life, but has also encouraged others to give back. Inspired by his wife Charlotte’s journey with breast cancer and the loss of her mother Jean to the same disease, in 2012 Chris led the PwC team to take action in the fight against breast cancer and join he and Charlotte for Komen Austin’s Race for the Cure. Since then, the “PwC Goes Pink” race team has raised over $65,000, and he has personally raised over $40,000 for Komen Austin’s mission, earning the honor of Top Race Fundraiser for the past two years. Not only has Chris’ philanthropic spirit saved hundreds of lives in the Austin community, he has connected hundreds more to the cause.


Kathleen Brennan

“Having cancer has completely changed my life. I was in the prime of my life really having just graduated college and wanting to be independent and have a job like all of my other friends. I was only 23! How did I have breast cancer!? I’ve had so many nights of the “why me” mourning, but have gotten better with dealing with it with time. I soon found out that the breast cancer I had was Stage IIIC Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, HER2+ and ER/PR-. The biggest tumor was about 2 inches large and it had spread to a lymph node in my armpit area.
I had my last chemo on August 10th, followed by a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with tissue expanders on September 8th. My pathology report came back two days after my mastectomy and my surgeon was finally able to tell me that I was cancer free!!!! This journey is hard, unexpected and unpredictable, but I’m gonna fight, and I’m gonna win!!!”


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